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Achhod is a big village.Achhod is very clean village.Achhod is one of the best village.Achhod has many facility like water plant,library,washing platform,school,high school,hospital,post office,madrasa,play ground,ponds,five mosque and one temple etc.Achhod population is 6428. 

Village : Achhod

Block : Amod

District : Bharuch

State : Gujarat

Country : India

Continent : Asia

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  1. i agree as its really nice village, my uncle is belong to this village.and in my childhood i use to visit this village during summer holidays. so friendly people, happiness is spread around in this village. beauty of this village is its natural resources,most of population are farmers,honesty, self respect,and helping others this is the motto of this village. really would like to visit aachod again and again.